Pickup & Delivery

Our laundry service uses the best equipment and products when washing your laundry.
Casa Laundry laundromat uses premium brand products like Tide Laundry OxiClean, Detergent , Clorox, Downy Fabric Softener and Bounce Dryer Sheets.
Our experienced and outgoing staff make sure you have the best experience possible.
Every item is handled with care and then folded or hung on a hanger that freshly-clean.
We will deliver it, free of charge and with a smile.

Week days prices

Weekend prices

Map Area Coverage

Map are coverage represents approximate coverage of 5miles, 10miles and 15 miles

5 miles range

pickup addresses that are within the 5-mile range have a minimum 30/LB minimum or $12 delivery fee

10 miles range

pickup addresses that are within the 10-mile range have a minimum 60/LB minimum or $12 delivery fee

15 miles range

pickup addresses that are within the 15-mile range have a minimum 90/LB minimum or $12 delivery fee

if you have any questions get in touch with us .

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